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 Chants  Keeper 念佛笔录 

Chants Keeper is a Chant Counter designed and created with a number of user defined settings to deliver an overall enhanced user experience. The Chant Counter automatically logs the start and end time of each chant session. These logs and records are saved only on handphone that user can retrieve to review.

Users who favour using prayer beads or other chant counter can still enter and record the sutra or mantra recited on Chants Keeper. 

You can easily find out the total number of chants by mantra from statistics report. This is especially useful if you had committed to X number of chants of a mantra (for example 50,000 chants of Om Mani Padme Hum) and wish to keep track of your progress. In addition to grand total, the chant statistics can be summarised by day, week or month.

念佛计数器(念佛机)是念佛笔录里的主要功能。计数器的设计具备了许多用户可以定义的设置,专门用于增强用户体验。 应用程序中的计数器自动记录诵经的开始和结束时间。 这些场记可以轻易检索以供审核。


您可以很轻易从念佛统计报告中找到念佛的总数。这特别有用,尤其您已许愿念佛次数 (例如5万次六字大明咒),从统计报告审核您的进展。除了总计,统计还可以按日,周或月来汇总。

Quick Setup Guide 快速安装指南

1: A list of mantras has been compiled for user to select and add to his/her favourites. This list will be shown once on launching the app and can be subsequently access from "Settings > Update Favourite Mantra > Recommended". Choose and add the mantra of your choice to the favourite list.

2: Open the settings and select the default mantra that will be set on the Chant Counter.

3: Open the Chant Counter and start chanting.

1:设置了佛咒列表供用户选择并添加到常念佛经目录。此列表将在启动应用程序时显示一次,然后可以从“设置 > 更新 常念佛经目录 > 推荐” 打开。从佛咒列表选择并添加到您常念佛经目录。



Chant Counter 念佛计数器

The Chant Counter can be customised for optimal user experience. User can preconfigure the default mantra, number of chants, enable or disable sound and vibration, the add button position and whether click or swipe to increase chant count and others. Additionally for user reciting a new mantra, you can toggle the mantra text on and off. 



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